Majora's Mask

Ice Arrow is Missing



Ice Arrow is Missing are puzzle hacks where the Ice Arrow has been hidden some where in the game. Cryptic clues have been left behind leading to it's location. The clues can mean a range of things. From a specific time of day to the number of a specific object in the room where the Ice Arrow is hidden. It's up you to solve the clues and get back what is rightfully yours! Additionally every part of Ice Arrow is Missing is independent of any other. Meaning that it does not matter what order you play them in. They are each unique and solving one will not necessarily help you solve another one.

Before we ran into you we ran into some other kid in the Lost Woods. Said his name was ProbablyButter? ... Anyway Skull Kid took his Ice Arrow and hid it some where in Termina. And it is up to you to find them!

Below is some general information about the ROM Hack. Make sure to look over them otherwise you may end up wasting time on something that doesn't work how you think it might.


The clues are what will lead the player to the hidden Ice Arrow. They follow the criteria listed below.

Clues are:

  • Wooden Square Signs
  • May be hidden inside other Objects
  • Accessible without Glitches
  • Present all 3 Days / Nights

Clues are NOT:

  • Wooden Arrow Signs
  • Invisible
  • Placed Out of Bounds

When a file is created the first set of 3 days are already completed. Players will not have to play out the long static intro where they would otherwise be stuck in Deku Link form. This means players can jump right into playing the game and go searching for the clues and Ice Arrow.

Start with:

  • Ocarina of Time
  • Deku Mask
  • Song of Healing
  • Song of Time
  • Magic Meter

All Tingles, Dungeon Maps, and Compasses are removed. This is to prevent the possibility of just getting a map and/or compass and then be able to see the hidden Ice Arrow chest on the map.


Going to the Moon is much quicker. When entering the Top of the Clock Tower it will take the player straight to the Moon. This means Oath to Order is not required to get there. I felt this was the best option if I wanted to place any clues on the Moon. Additionally talking to the Child with Majora's Mask on will allow the player to go back to South Clock Town.


Some areas have two versions of it such as Southern Swamp. There are the Poisoned and Cleaned Swamp. If the clue location specifically mentions one the clue will only be present in that one. It will not exist in the other. If the clue location doesn't specifically mention one then it will appear in both.


Normally Ice Arrows are suppose to be required to access upper Ikana Canyon and Stone Tower. A Deku Flower has been added to allow access to these areas for casual players. This allows for clues to be placed in these areas while still allowing casual players to access them.


To help the player keep track of their clues and where they found them so that they don't forget a tracker is provided. This can also be used to show the clues on stream if the player is live streaming their gameplay. This can make it easy for viewers to also see what clues have been found and where they were found.

For setting up the tracker initially click on a clue, if it highlights with blue then this clue is now active. Select a location from the list to set this clue to that location. At anytime the player can click on the text of a clue and edit it. Double clicking on a word will highlight it in orange. (this is finicky sometimes)

Special Note: Due to my filenaming of the tracker it is possible it won't want to function at first. This will more than likely be due to an adblocking extension for your webbrowser if you have one. Personally I use uBlock (origin) and by default it blocks the JavaScript (tracker.js) from running. If this is the case for you, then you will need to add to your blockers whitelist in order for the tracker to function.


Ready to get started? Select the part for the version you would like to play and download the patch file. Then open the ROM Patcher and patch the game. The ROM Patcher works based on the ROM CRC. If the CRC does not match it will not work. This means only the original ROM or WAD will work while modified ones will not.

Nintendo 64
Wii Virtual Console

Altered Any parts displaying this icon have been altered from the original to make them somewhat easier. The original version will still be available.