Majora's Mask

Ice Arrow is Missing / Solutions



This page serves to provide solutions as well as document information about each part of Ice Arrow is Missing. Obviously it contains spoilers so do not view the solution unless you really want to.

Extra Special Note: You may have noticed the "Open your 👀" in the header that appears at the top of the page once you have scrolled far enough. As well as the download buttons for the patch files to each part. This is a long standing meme with a few friends that were actively playing IAIM as I made them. Some of the clue signs are out where they can be seen but are strategically placed to "hide" them. In some cases this can result in someone walking passed a sign and not seeing it even though it's in plain sight. Sometimes my friends and I were in a voice call as they played and I would tell them "Open your eyes". If they still couldn't manage to find the sign eventually it lead to "Your eyes are closed". And thus the meme was born. A FrankerFaceZ Emote even ended up being created. Naturally it was used very often.

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