How it all Began...

The very first Ice Arrow is Missing. This is where I got into modifying Majora's Mask. I ran into a lot of problems getting the hidden chest to work how I wanted. Even after looking at documentation I didn't really understand how a lot of it worked. I remember ending up just copying values from other instances in the game and just testing until I got it to work. I ended up having to change the flag on an ice block somewhere else in the dungeon becuase the only flag I could get to work to spawn the chest was used by it. Eventually later on (I think after part 9?) when I had learned more about modifying Majora's Mask I came back to all the earlier parts and updated them with what I had learned. For example in the original version of part 1 hitting the hidden switch to reveal the chest didn't move the camera to look at the chest to show the player where it was. That wasn't because I didn't want to do that, but rather because I didn't now how to setup that data nor did I know how to then tie the actor cutscene to the switch and chest.

The Ice Arrow Chest: Snowhead Temple

A fitting location for the item since it's the winter dungeon of the game right? The chest is hidden inside the Ice block room where there are several on pillars and ones directly above them on the ceiling. This room has a small key in a chest hidden inside a big snowball. The chest is placed on the center pillar and is activated by a crystal switch. The switch is hidden behind the back wall of the hidden Lens of truth revealed area which also has a stray fairy chest in it.

Southern Swamp Clue

Hidden near the Big Octo around back in the swamp. This clus is submerged in the water and placed back in a corner where it might be hard to spot.

"Five little, one big."

Five little, one big.

Clue Reference

The snowballs.

Path to Ikana

Hidden up on the rock formation near Shiro. Some people don't know you can actually get up here or how to get up here. There is a Scarecrow that can be hookshot. Normally a pot with a fairy is up here but the sign replaces it.

"Three red."

Three red.

Clue Reference

The three red rupees.

Great Bay Coast

Hidden up on the cliff side where the Scarecrow Piece of Heart can be found. The sign is on the far right side instead.



Clue Reference

The hidden crystal switch.

Pirates' Fortress (Sewers)

Hidden in one of the barrels in the Piece of Heart room.



Clue Reference

One of the four main temples. In this case Snowhead Temple.

Stone Tower Temple

Hidden inside the punch-able blocks in the mirror room. Making Goron Mask required for this clue.

"Near that which holds the key."

Near that which holds the key.

Clue Reference

The golden chest which holds a small key.

Clock Town

Hidden on the far ledge in the Deku Playground. This clue was actually moved forward more towards the ledge. Different actors have various draw distances and having it back against the wall made it just far enough to not load when standing by the Deku Scrubs. This resulted in a few people looking around from the ledge and when not seeing it think it's not here and proceed to stumble around Clock Town for awhile.

"Seek the truth."

Seek the truth.

Clue Reference

The switch is located behind the Lens of Truth hidden area.

Ancient Castle of Ikana

Hidden on up on the right side pillar that has a paper airplane on it.

"Behind the wall."

Behind the wall.

Clue Reference

The switch is hidden behind the wall.