For this part I decided I wanted to make use of the upper (technically lower) part of Inverted Stone Tower. There is actually collision normally on all of the ledges up there but obviously no intended way to get up there. There are two soft soil patches on this map. I altered the upper one that is near the three chests. The path for the bean plant is changed so that on it's return trip it makes a detour to one of the upper ledges. The chest is hidden up here and revealed by activating a Sun Switch that is placed on the wall high up.

The Ice Arrow Chest: Inverted Stone Tower

Hidden high up in Inverted Stone Tower (outside area not in the dungeon). A Sun Switch spawns the chest and the upper Magic Bean Plant is needed to be used to reach it.

Clock Town

Hidden in the back area of the Swordsman's School. This area is only accessible after Midnight of the Final Day.

"Watch for rolling rocks. In 0.5 (A) Presses obviously."

Watch for rolling rocks. In 0.5      Presses obviously.

Clue Reference

The rolling boulders in Stone Tower (Inverted).

Obvious reference to the Super Mario 64: Hazy Maze Cave star is obvious. The YouTube link is to pannenkoek2012's 0.5x A Press video on the star.

Termina Field

Hidden up on one of the pillars outside East Clock Town. A Magic Bean Plant can be used to reach it.

"Enjoy the ride."

Enjoy the ride.

Clue Reference

Riding the Magic Bean Plant.

Path to Snowhead

Hidden inside one of the big snowballs near the upper exit.

"Above 3 near 5."

Above 3 near 5.

Clue Reference

The Chests and Pots in Stone Tower (Inverted).

Goron Racetrack

Hidden after the bridge just behind one of the wood posts.

"Up high."

Up high.

Clue Reference

The Sun Switch on the wall is high up above.

Zora Cape

Hidden outside the Zora Hall entrance on the right side.

"Upside down."

Upside down.

Clue Reference

Stone Tower (Inverted).

Ikana Graveyard

Hidden near the Song of Storms tomb behind the curtain.

"Make it rain, or don't."

Make it rain, or don't.

Clue Reference

Using Song of Storms or Spring Water to grow a Magic Bean Plant.

Ikana Canyon

"Near organic contents."

Near organic contents.

Clue Reference

The Magic Bean chest which is only found in Stone Tower (Inverted).