For this part I decided to put the Ice Arrow right at the start. The Purple rupee chest that appears on top of the three story building being constructed has the Ice Arrow in it instead. I thought this idea would work very well. It's right at the start and even easy to get, however the player will more than likely leave and go off in search of the clues before ever seeing it since the chest isn't there until the third day.

The Ice Arrow Chest: South Clock Town

Hidden in South Clock Town on top of the Tower being constructed by the carpenters. It replaces the purple rupee chest that is only available on the final day.

Bombers' Hideout

Hidden near the chest behind a bomb-able wall. A second bomb-able wall is added behind the chest concealing the sign.



Clue Reference

The Tower being built by the carpenters.

Clock Town

Hidden in North Clock Town up in the tree near Deku Playground.

"Don't be early."

Don't be early.

Clue Reference

The Tower isn't completed nor is the chest there until the final day.

Goron Village

Hidden near the Goron Elder's Son.

"Watching the time go by."

Watching the time go by.

Clue Reference

The chest with the Ice Arrow is right in front of the Clock Tower.

Snowhead Temple

Hidden in the second Wizrobe room.



Clue Reference

South Clock Town.

Pinnacle Rock

Hidden near one of the large vertical rocks just to the left.

"3rd of 3."

3rd of 3.

Clue Reference

The chest is only available on the Final Day.

Zora Hall

Hidden in Evan's Room in the back.

"Being constructed."

Being constructed.

Clue Reference

The Tower that the carpenters are working one that gets taller every day.

Sakon's Hideout

Hidden in the hole that the Sun's Mask falls into at the end. It is possible use the Song of Soaring to exit this area or just let the mask fall in to fail.

"Where it all began."

Where it all began.

Clue Reference

South Clock Town. Where every part of IAIM starts.