For this part I decided to make use of a little side quest in Zora Hall. On stage there is a Zora who needs help getting the stage lights turned on. If the player helps him he will give them a Blue Rupee!

The Ice Arrow Chest: Zora Hall

Hidden in Zora Hall spawned by helping the Zora get the stage lights on.

Southern Swamp

Hidden near the Deku Palace shortcut.



Clue Reference

The Scarecrow. Once he's called if you talk to him he says "Yowza!". There is one in Zora Hall.

Woodfall Temple

Hidden near the Boss Door on the left pillar replacing a Red Rupee.

"South West."

South West.

Clue Reference

Zora Hall is in the south west region of Termina.

Special Note by Marco:

This sign was not possible to get glitchless. It replaces a rupee which is intended to be collected with the Zora Fins. I moved the Deku Flower from the right tower to the left one to make it possible to fly to it.

Mountain Village

Hidden in side a snowball near the Goron with the Don Gero's Mask.

"Below the surface."

Below the surface.

Clue Reference

The chest is underwater.

Great Bay Coast

Hidden underwater north of the Fisherman's game.

"Help him for a reward."

Help him for a reward.

Clue Reference

The Zora on stage ask's Link for help with lighting the stage lights. If Link lights them the Zora will give him a Blue Rupee as a reward. In this case the reward is actually much greater!

Waterfall Rapids

Hidden on the 1st day path behind one of the rocks.

"Shed some light on the situation."

Shed some light on the situation.

Clue Reference

The Stage lights in Zora Hall.

Stone Tower

Hidden at the top near the Scarecrow location. The sign replaces one of the pots.

"Above stage."

Above stage.

Clue Reference

The torches that need to be lit are above the stage.

On the Moon

Hidden in the Gyorg Trial. The sign is located in the second room from the right. So from the entrance the path the player needs to take is: Right, right, left.

"Four stand guard."

Four stand guard.

Clue Reference

The Zora's standing outside of each Indigo-Go's band member's room.