Designed with purpletissuebox in mind. If you haven't played Fire Arrow is Missing yet then you don't yet know what purple's favorite actor in the game is so let me fill you in. It is Obj_Visiblock which are the invisible ice platforms. They are used in Goron Village to get out to Lone Peak Shrine. Purple likes to use these a lot and I mean A LOT!

So for this part I set up a decoy. Later on I realized there was even a second decoy I could use but I had already released this part. Fortunately for me Purple had not yet played it so I added the second decoy and updated the patch files. The two decoys use Path to Goron Village and Path to Snowhead, however the real one is on Path to the Mountain. So there are essentially three solutions and three chests but only the correct one has the Ice Arrow in it.

The Ice Arrow Chest: Path to the Mountain

Hidden on invisible ice platforms in the air accessible by using the Scarecrow. The chest is spawned by a hidden crystal switch hidden in a tree.

Clock Town

Hidden in South Clock Town on the right side of the Clock Tower.



Clue Reference

The location where the chest is hidden is a winter map. Which would require freezing temperatures.

Deku Palace

Hidden near the Monkey in the Deku King's Chamber.

"Invisible to the naked eye."

Invisible to the naked eye.

Clue Reference

The invisible platforms. They can only be seen with the Lens of Truth.


Hidden on one of the stumps replacing a Rupee.

"Play his song."

Play his song.

Clue Reference

Scarecrow's Song. A Scarecrow is used to reach the ice platforms.

Path to Goron Village

Hidden near the center platform where Tingle normally is. This sign is here during the winter also but is placed undernearth the ice.



Special Note by Probablybutter

Transforming into Goron Link or Zora Link adjusts a sign's height to be taller. Cleverly I placed it low enough however, to make sure you can't read the sign in the winter by using this mechanic.

Clue Reference

A hidden switch is used to spawn the chest.

Gorman Track

Hidden behind the start/finish line for the race. Normally the track area isn't really accessible.

"Along the path."

Along the path.

There is a wooden crate near the main entrace where the Gorman Brothers are. However the crate is behind the fence so I moved it to be in front of it instead allowing the player to climb it and jump the fence to get back to the track.

Clue Reference

The location of the chest. It's on the Path to the Mountain.

Ikana Graveyard

Hidden inside of the 3rd Day grave.

"Near a group of 3."

Near a group of 3.

Clue Reference

The hidden switch is near three snowballs.

Beneath the Well

Hidden in the room with the Cow on the far right side. This room is near the Big Poe. The gibdo requires Hotspring Water to enter.

"Up a tree."

Up a tree.

Clue Reference

The location of the switch.

This is also a Zork I reference.

Decoy 1: Path to Snowhead

Decoy 2: Path to Goron Village