For this part I decided to place the Ice Arrow in Stone Tower Temple but I wanted to add a bit more of a challenge to it rather than just all the clues leading straight to the dungeon. The main entrance is blocked off by a gate which require four switches to be activated to open it. The switches are hidden around the exterior of the temple.

Initially some players, namely speedrunners, might be a little confused. Visually the temple doesn't appear to really be blocked off as there's a huge opening above the gate I added in. Originally I had additional gates completely blocking the whole thing. So you might be wondering why did I remove them and only keep the lower ones? Well unfortunately for me Stone Tower is one of the areas that actually uses quite a lot of the object space the game has available to it. Which is also why it's one of the more laggy areas in the game when a lot of stuff is on screen. Adding in one gate basically put it to the limit. So trying to have more would make it run out of space and thus none of the gates could load leaving the entrance completely open.

So is all hope lost??? At first I thought so but then I came up with a clever plan. Why not just edit the collision and block it off like that? Well that's exactly what I did! Editing the collision isn't too hard to do. Each collision triangle has three vertices that are just points in 3D space and the triangle itself has a distance from the map's origin. The texture mesh and collision mesh are separate however and editing the textures is not something I really tried to edit because I don't know how all the data for it works. Below are some images showing the collision triangles. As you will see not only is the entrance blocked off, but I also decided to box in the entire loading zone to prevent players from just trying to go around the gate and actually needing to open it.

Modified Collision

The Ice Arrow Chest: Stone Tower Temple

Hidden near the Eyegore. The player must enter Inverted Stone Tower Temple and defeat the Eyegore in the cental room. This will spawn both the Giant's Mask chest and the Ice Arrow chest. The Ice Arrow chest is on the opposite side however. So the player must un-invert the temple to open the chest.

Termina Field

Hidden near the mountains.

"Near a giant."

Near a giant.

Clue Reference

The Eyegore who is significally larger than Link.

Swamp Spider House

Hidden on the upper ledges in the main room.



Clue Reference

The Eyegore which appears to be "sleeping" until the player activates it.

Deku Shrine

Hidden underwater in the room with the cycling platforms flowing down the stream.



Clue Reference

There are four hidden switches that open a gate blocking the entrance to Stone Tower Temple.

Pirates' Fortress

Hidden in the Silver Rupee chest room.

"Eyes on the prize."

Eyes on the prize.

Clue Reference

Switch 1: In the Statue's right eye.

Romani Ranch

Hidden in the house in the hay pile near the door.

"Pointing right at it."

Pointing right at it.

Clue Reference

Switch 2: On the Statue's finger.

Zora Cape

Hidden underwater sort of between the beach and the Zora Hall entrance.

"On the tip of his tongue."

On the tip of his tongue.

Clue Reference

Switch 3: Underneath the Statue's tongue. The player is intended to place a bomb here to activate it.

Ikana Canyon

Near the Ghost Hut by the Gossip Stone.

"At the gate, look above the bird."

At the gate, look above the bird.

Clue Reference

Switch 4: On the upper platform above the Owl Statue. When standing at the gate blocking the entrance if the player turns around and looks up they can see this switch.