For this part I decided to use Romani Ranch. I've always liked how Anju and Cremia are friends and near the end of the Final Day if the player hasn't progressed the quest with Kafei then Anju and her family head to the ranch. Some of the clues specifically lead to this.

The Ice Arrow Chest: Romani Ranch

Hidden in the upstairs room of Mama's House in the ranch. The chest is spawned by melting the ice covering the fireplace. The chest and ice only appear on Night of the Final Day. I chose to do it this was just in case if any player happened to go to the ranch and went in the house they wouldn't just see ice there instead of fire like normal.

Southern Swamp

Hidden behind one of the wood posts near the pathway back to the Magic Hag's Potion Shop.

"3 stones."

3 stones.

Clue Reference

The Gossip Stones in Romani Ranch. There are three of them in total.

Deku Palace

Hidden up in the little open pathway in the right side garden.

"Near the end of time."

Near the end of time.

Clue Reference

The chest is only available on the Final Day at night time. As is the ice in the fireplace as well.

Goron Village (Winter)

Hidden inside the wooden crate down near Medigoron.



Clue Reference

The Romani Ranch house has a chimney which leads down to the fireplace.

Snowhead Temple

Hidden inside the ice block in the Goron pound switches room. I decided to place this clue at this location since the player will need the Fire Arrow.



Clue Reference

Normally there is a fire in the fireplace inside Mama's House. On Night of the Final Day, however, it is replaced by ice and the player needs to melt it in order to spawn the Ice Arrow chest.

Zora Hall

Hidden up near the left side torch. The player will need to hookshot the torch to reach this area.



Clue Reference

The location of the Ice Arrow chest is on the 2nd floor of the Romani Ranch house.

Ancient Castle of Ikana

Hidden inside of the moveable Stone Tower block that lights the right side of the castle.

"Failed love."

Failed love.

Clue Reference

If the player fails to progress the Anju and Kafei side quest Anju, Anju's mother, and Anju's grandmother all go to the Romani Ranch house.

Stone Tower

Hidden right at the beginning. However it is floating in the air??? How are you suppose to read that? Clever movement of the blocks with the switches can stack them on top of one another.

"Taking refuge."

Taking refuge.

Special Note by Probablybutter

It is possible to read this sign without moving the blocks. By falling from above as the player passes the sign they can Z-Target it. As soon as they land on the block below they can quickly use A to 'Check' the sign!

Clue Reference

Anju, Anju's mother, and Anju's Grandmother take refuge with Cremia since the moon is about to crash.