Yet another part with a custom map. This time around the custom map is Beneath Snowhead. Part of this map was created by Ostrealava02. I can't remember if he was using it for something or decided not to. Either way he gave it to me and I expanded upon it. The little cave like building, giant arrow, and the little pillars/platform the chest is on were made by him and the rest I made.

I decided to have an intro cutscene when going to this map and I wanted it to always play every time the player enters. This some how resulted in a bug that was later discovered by Probablybutter. After entering if the player died then the hidden switch that spawns the chest wouldn't be needed because the chest would just already be there. Some thing about the intro cutscene was some how setting the flag for it. I remember having problems getting the intro cutscene to play each time rather than clear. I think I ended up just trying different values to get it to finally work because setting it up like other instances in the game didn't work. Later when I came back to try and fix the bug doing it exactly like other instances all of a sudden worked. So there must have been something I didn't quite do right but did not notice.

The Ice Arrow Chest: Beneath Snowhead

Around Snowhead Temple there are a few far off islands which cannot normally be accessed. Biggoron sits on one of them during the Spring time. A platform to ride out to one has been added which is activated by a sun switch. On the island is a grotto that will take the player to the newly added map that has the Ice Arrow.

Clock Town

Hidden near the Piece of Heart.



Clue Reference


Path to the Swamp

Hidden up in the tree with the Piece of Heart.



Clue Reference

Biggoron again. He's hidden and can only be seen with the Lens of Truth.

Goron Racetrack

Hidden behind the finish line for the race.

"Song required."

Song required.

Clue Reference

Goron Lullaby is required to put Biggoron to sleep.

Romani Ranch

Hidden right in the center along the fence.

"1 of 4."

1 of 4.

Clue Reference

Temples as there are four in the game.

Zora Hall

Hidden in Mikau's and Tijo's room underwater.



Clue Reference

The little islands around Snowhead Temple. 1 of 4 can also refer to these if the player realizes it.

Waterfall Rapids

Hidden along the Day 2 path.

"Near one with great power."

Near one with great power.

Clue Reference

The Great Fairy.

Secret Shrine

Hidden in the Dinofols room up on one of the rocks. A hookshot target is added to reach it.

"Pierce the arrowhead."

Pierce the arrowhead.

Clue Reference

The location of a hidden crystal switch. The switch is hidden within the Giant Ice Arrow. The player must activate it to spawn the Ice Arrow chest.