The grand finale Part 17! For this part I decided I wanted to do something very different than the traditional ones so I came up with the idea of taking a picture and then revealing it to the player. In all other parts I only ever used seven clues and I didn't want to divide the image into seven parts so for this one there are nine clues. I spent awhile trying to think how I would theme the image reveal to Majora's Mask and then it hit me... the Town Shooting Gallery! It has Octoroks in a 3x3 grid so this is what I ended up using.

The sign in Clock Town that gives the clue locations tells the player to go to a webpage, (click here). They are presented a 3x3 grid where each piece is relative to each of the nine clues in the game. Each clue works as a password. If the player enters an incorrect password it will not work. When the correct password is entered that part of the image is revealed. The player then needs to figure out what the image is of and this tells them where to go.

The Revealed Image

The opening Link comes through in the normal game at the beginning and falls to Termina.

The Ice Arrow Chest: Lost Woods

Hidden on the stump in the Lost Woods where in the normal unchanged game the player would start at.

Modified Pre Clock Tower

A Golden Deku Flower has been added to allow the player to cross the room.

A sun switch opens the door making the Light Arrow required.

An elevator is added. The player must ride it up and jump into the hole leading back to the Lost Woods. The elevator is weight sensitive so it will only activate for Deku Link.

Bombers' Hideout

Hidden underwater.



Termina Field

Hidden behind the fence blocking Great Bay Coast.



Woodfall Temple

Hidden in the upper room with holes.



Mountain Village

Hidden inside of Darmani's gravestone.



Snowhead Temple

Hidden inside of the push-able block in the Compass room.



Pirates' Fortress

Hidden near the exit from the Red Pirate Zora Egg.



Great Bay Temple

Hidden near the small key door on the red pipe.



Beneath the Well

Hidden where the invisible Purple Rupee chest is.



Stone Tower Temple

Hidden right at the start. It is, however, upside down and so requires the player to invert the dungeon to read it.

"40zlDW" (note: this uses a lowercase "L", not an uppercase "i")