A fairly simplistic part of IAIM that shouldn't be to difficult. The very last clue is a complete give away (or at least is meant to be) so I made it a little challenging to get rather than it just being a sign you simply walk up to and read.

The Ice Arrow Chest: Pirates' Fortress

Hidden in the hookshot room at Pirates' Fortress. A crystal switch is placed underneath Pirate Lord Aveil which spawns the chest.

Termina Field

Hidden at the end of the long wall near the West entrance to Clock Town.



Clue Reference

There is a hidden switch needed to spawn the Ice Arrow chest.

Mountain Village (Winter)

Hidden in the large snowball on the right near the entrance to Path to Goron Village.



Clue Reference

The big pot of stuff the pirates have cooking in the hookshot room. Is it food? Is it some kind of potion? Who knows.

Romani Ranch

Hidden just outside the entrance to the Cucco Shack.

"Death from above."

Death from above.

Clue Reference

The Bees in the beehive that the player needs to knock down to scare away the pirates.

Zora Hall

Hidden in Japas' room behind his desk.

"One fish, two fish, three fish, skullfish."

One fish, two fish, three fish, skullfish.

Clue Reference

A play on the Dr. Seuss book One Fish, Two Fish, Red Fish, Blue Fish.

Most probably don't realize this but each tank throughout Pirates' Fortress where the Zora Eggs are stored have different amounts of fish in them. The tank in the hookshot room is the one with only one fish inside it.

Great Bay Temple

Hidden inside of Wart's room.



Clue Reference

The purple guards that patroll around in Pirates' Fortress.

Stone Tower

Hidden near the Gibdos on the left side of the tower.

"Near the aquarium."

Near the aquarium.

Clue Reference

The water tank used to store the Zora Eggs.

On the Moon

Hidden in the Goht Trial. The sign is right at the start but high up where it can't simply be read.

"Under a veil."

Under a veil.

A platform that can be actived by an Eye switch above the Piece of Heart can be used to reach it. The platform takes a path that requires the player to jump across some of the map geometry to make it a bit of a challenge.

Clue Reference

The hidden switch is directly beneath Aveil.