For this part of IAIM I decided I wanted to try and deceive the player. By which I carefully thought of clues that, where possible, are similar to more obvious place that sticks out in the game. The place of deception in this case was intended to be the Secret Shrine. There are both a Wizrobe and a Garo Master in there as well as the four rooms of mini boss fights. There is also the initial Sun switch at the beginning the player must shoot to advance.

The Ice Arrow Chest: Ancient Castle of Ikana

The chest is hidden inside Ikana Castle in the first room on the right side. I decided to choose this location because the entire right side of the castle can be completely skipped even in glitchless. In fact many [speedrunners] don't even seem to know there's a Wizrobe in Ikana Castle. The chest is an invisible one that can only be seen with the Lens of Truth and it is behind the Sunblock along the wall behind a little wall that sticks out. The chest is only present on the 2nd day during the night time.

Termina Field Grotto

Hidden in the Business Scrub grotto. It is along the wall near the exit placed in one of the darker portions.

"2nd of 3."

2nd of 3.

Clue Reference

2nd Day out of 3.

Woodfall Temple

In the room with the puzzle block. The clue is on the upper ledge.

"After the Sun has set."

After the Sun has set.

Clue Reference

Needs to be night time.

Goron Village

Hidden in the Goron Shop. There is a small wood platform that extends out a bit where the sign is placed.

"Right Side."

Right Side.

Clue Reference

The right half of Ikana Castle.

Romani Ranch

In the barn along the back wall.

"Behind the Sun."

Behind the Sun.

Clue Reference

The Sunblock in the right side of Ikana Castle.

Pinnacle Rock

In one of the back holes that contains a Deep Python.

"Guarded by Four."

Guarded by Four.

Clue Reference

The Redeads just behind the Sunblock.

Zora Cape

Replaces one of the chests on the upper ledges heading towards Waterfall Rapids.

"Near a Master and Magician."

Near a Master and Magician.

Clue Reference

Floormaster and the Wizrobe.

Mountain Village (Spring)

Hidden up on top of the Mountain Smithy. Accessible using the Scarecrow.



Clue Reference

The chest is invisible and can only be seen with the Lens of Truth.