For this part I decided I wanted to have the player fight Majora to get the Ice Arrow. Initially my idea was to have a Grotto in one of the holes of the Woodfall Temple upper room. The player would jump down the hole and enter the Grotto taking them to the Majora room. This ended up not working out as there are two general objects of which only one can be loaded at a time. One we call "Field objects" which is used in most cases. The other we call "Dungeon objects" which I'm sure you can guess is used in dungeons as it contains things like switches. The problem for me is that Grottos are part of the Field objects and Woodfall Temple needs Dungeon objects. So I had to scrap that idea and instead changed it to just be a hidden door. This required me to modify some of the collision such that I can trigger a load out to the Majora room by opening the door.

The Ice Arrow Chest: Woodfall Temple

In the upper room of Woodfall Temple the player needs to jump down the center hole and open a hidden door behind the wall. The door takes the player to the Majora's Mask boss room. After defeating Majora the player is warped to the Giant's Chamber where the Ice Arrow awaits them.

Modified Collision

Southern Swamp

Hidden on top of the wood structure just before the Song of Soaring pedestal.

"Open(A) the hidden door."

Open     the hidden door.

Clue Reference

There is a door hidden behind a wall that the player can't actually see. The (A) button will say "Open" when they are near it.


Hidden on top of Woodfall Temple.

"Center of 5."

Center of 5.

Clue Reference

In the upper room of Woodfall Temple there are five holes in the ground that lead to the lower room. The player needs to jump down the center hole.

Goron Village (Spring)

Hidden on top of one of the pillars. To reach it the player needs to jump from the fence to the closest one then jump across them.

"Two watch from above."

Two watch from above.

Clue Reference

The two Dragonflies in the upper room of Woodfall Temple.

Ocean Spider House

Hidden back near the Piece of Heart chest.

"Under the tree."

Under the tree.

Clue Reference

In the upper room of Woodfall Temple there is a tree like structure with roots coming down from the ceiling.

Zora Cape

On one of the upper ledges near the entrance to Waterfall Rapids. The sign is out on one of the large leaves.

"Above the flower."

Above the flower.

Clue Reference

The spinning platform in the lower room of Woodfall Temple which looks like a giant flower.

Ikana Graveyard

Hidden behind the Captain's Hat chest.

"Take the plunge."

Take the plunge.

Clue Reference

The player needs to jump down one of the holes in the upper room of Woodfall Temple.

Stone Tower Temple

Hidden near the Stray Fairy chest after the Garo Master fight.



Clue Reference

Woodfall Temple.