This is the first part of IAIM which has some custom code in it. Nothing fancy just some very simple stuff to check a few requirements I added to adjust the way the doggy race works.

With that said who likes Sonic the Hedgehog? Honestly I personally am not a huge Sonic fan and I haven't even beaten any of the games, however I have played some of them before. I also remember watching episodes of Sonic X while it aired on T.V. years ago.

For this part of IAIM I decided that it's finally Blue Dogs time to shine. So I transformed him into Sonic the Hedgedog! There is however a requirement that must be met in order for this transformation to occur. The player needs to be wearing the Mask of Truth. If they do then they will see the "true blue dog" and he will move at incredible speed and absolutely destroy the competition! He might even lap a few of the dogs before they finish!

There are a few other additional requirements needed to actually recieve the Ice Arrow which replaces the Piece of Heart that Mamamu Yan awards the player. The player must bet on the Blue dog with 90 rupees. First place triples your bet so by betting 90 the winnings will be 270 rupees. The normal requirement is simply 150 or more, but this is no longer the case. The player must win 270 rupees to recieve the reward or they don't get anything.

Even if the player bets 90 on another dog and even if that dog comes in first place winning them 270 rupees they will still not recieve the Ice Arrow.

The Ice Arrow: Doggy Racetrack

The player needs to enter the doggy race betting 90 rupees on the Blue dog. Additionally they also need to be wearing the Mask of Truth while placing their bet such that they wear it the entire time during the race.

Marco's foreshadowing from Part 11:

"21 you're going too fast."

Clock Town

Hidden in the Shooting Gallery.



Clue Reference

The Blue dog.

Swamp Spider House

Hidden up in the tree in the very far back room.

"1 of 2."

1 of 2.

A floor switch is hidden in the tall grass. Activating it will spawn ladders that can be used to reach the clue up in the tree.

Clue Reference

Swamp Spider House. Which is one of the two spider houses in the game.

Snowhead Temple

In the main room with the large pillar that can be raised. The sign is floating in the middle high up in the air. The pillar must be raised and none of the blue blocks can be removed in order to read it.

"Gotta Go Fast!"

Gotta Go Fast!

Clue Reference

A Sonic X reference. The YouTube link is to Gotta Go Fast which is the theme song for the series.

Romani Ranch

Hidden in the upstairs room of the Ranch House.

"See the truth."

See the truth.

Clue Reference

One of the requirements for the Blue dog to get his new speed boost is that the player needs to be wearing the Mask of Truth, therefore seeing the truth.

Pinnacle Rock

Floating in the water around the center of the really deep area after the initial maze.

"Hear the truth."

Hear the truth.

Clue Reference

While wearing the Mask of Truth the player can hear the thoughts of animals. The blue dog has a new message but it can only be seen if the player picks him up while wearing the mask.

Pirates' Fortress

Hidden in the Barrel room near the Green Pirate fight.

"Save him."

Save him.

Clue Reference

The man in the Swamp Spider House that is cursed.

Ancient Castle of Ikana

In Igo's Du Ikana's room sitting on the throne.

"Go all in!"

Go all in!

Clue Reference

The player needs to bet 90 Rupees. The winnings requirement has been altered. Instead of it being 150 or greater it's now 270.