Finally the Lottery Shop is actually useful!

i forgot the lottery is even in this game.

For this installment of IAIM the reward for winning the lottery on the first day is changed to the Ice Arrow.

Normally the way the player learns what the winning numbers are is done by entering the lottery then finding out at night when checking if they won. When time is reset back to the first day the winning numbers will not be changed and now it can be guaranteed to win by entering the correct ones. But that is not the case anymore. The winning numbers are no longer revealed so the player either needs to guess until they get it right or find the clue which has the solution.

The Ice Arrow: The Lottery Shop

The player needs to win the lottery on the first day by entering the numbers "017".

Fairy's Fountain

Hidden in the Woodfall fountain on the left side.

"1st of 3."

1st of 3.

Clue Reference

The first day.

Bomber's Hideout

Hidden near the telescope.

"Watched at night."

Watched at night.

Clue Reference

The Rosa Sisters who practice outside the Lottery Shop at night.

Deku Palace

Hidden in the left side near the watch tower in the back garden.

"Make your dreams come true."

Make your dreams come true.

Clue Reference

The Lottery Shop which asks you if you would like to "Buy your dreams...".

Great Bay Coast

Hidden in the Fisherman's Hut.

"Spend your Moo-ey!"

Spend your Moo-ney!

Clue Reference

Cow Figurine.

Waterfall Rapids

Hidden inside the beaver's dam at the very end.

"Need 10."

Need 10.

Clue Reference

10 Rupees are needed to buy a lottery ticket.

Ikana Graveyard

Hidden near the Iron Knuckle.



Clue Reference

The Lottery Shop sign.

On the Moon

Hidden in the Gyorg Trial. A hidden Crystal Switch is hidden under the Moon Child at the end.

"Enter 017."

Enter 017.

Each child asks you to bomb them which will hit the switch. All of the children make use of the same set of messages so instead of trying to make one unique I choose to have them tell you to try the next if nothing seems to happen.

The switch activates a moving platform that can be used to reach the sign. Using the child to "go back" will take the player to the beginning of the trial rather than back to the moon like normal.

Clue Reference

The winning numbers for the first day lottery drawing.

These numbers are hardcoded for the first day and will never change. I even went as far to add some custom code for when a file is being loaded to swap them out. Just in case if anyone that plays decides to use a pre-made file rather than creating a new one.