This part was by far probably my favorite to make (even up through parts 10). I really feel like the idea I came up for this one was really good and clever. Unfornately not as many people as I would have expected know about the hidden Skull Kid texture in Termina Field. There is a second copy of the "drawing" on the tree from when Tatl remembers meeting Skull Kid. This copy is very large and colored green so that it blends into the grass. It can pretty easily be seen from the telescope in the observatory. It is located inbewteen the south and east entrances of Clock Town. There is even the giant guay that can be activated from the telescope that will then drop a red rupee on it.

Another thing are the features of Termina Field when viewing from the Observatory telescope. In place of the grottos are copies of the Ocean Spider House guy. He signifies that it is a point of interest. I added another one of these over the new grotto at it's location. I, however, strategically placed him such that only one of his arms is actually visible. This makes him not very noticable and easy to miss as the clues are meant for the player to look for the Skull Kid texture. Which ultimately will lead the player to notice him.

The Ice Arrow Chest: Termina Field (Peahat Grotto)

The chest is hidden in the Peahat Grotto. The normal chest with the Piece of Heart is still present and spawns like normal, but the Ice Arrow chest also spawns at the same time just off camera. This gives the player one last little scare when they open the chest to find they don't get the Ice Arrow. However when they go to leave they will see the second chest.

So you may be wondering about the normal Peahat Grotto. The grotto is still there but instead it takes the player to a Generic Grotto with a Silver Rupee in it's chest.

Path to the Swamp

Hidden in the water near the Swamp Shooting Gallery. The Zora Mask is not required to read the sign.



Clue Reference

A new Grotto has been added that the player needs to find.

Swamp Spider House

Hidden in the room on the right behind the big pots.

"Left foot."

Left foot.

Clue Reference

The Grotto is placed on the left foot of the hidden Skull Kid texture in Termina Field. Some argued that this clue is wrong but it seems clear to me that Skull Kid is meant to be looking at you. Which means from our perspective that Skull Kid's left foot appears on our right.

Path to Goron Village (Winter)

Hidden inside the Boulder blocking the Goron Racetrack.

"Hidden in plain sight."

Hidden in plain sight.

Clue Reference

The hidden Skull Kid texture in Termina Field. It is rather large and colored green to blend in.

Zora Hall

Hidden on the upper platform overlooking the stage.

"Skull Kid stands guard."

Skull Kid stands guard.

Clue Reference

Again the Skull Kid texture hidden in Termina Field.

Sakon's Hideout

Hidden in one of the later puzzle block room.

"Better seen from afar."

Better seen from afar.

Clue Reference

It's is much easier to see the hidden Skull Kid texture from far away. In fact I believe it was intended to be noticed when looking through the telescope in the Obersvatory.

Secret Shrine

Hidden in the first room up in the air. A Magic Bean can be used to read the sign at the end of it's path.

"Explosive required."

Explosive required.

Clue Reference

The new Grotto is one that requires an explosive to reveal it.

Inverted Stone Tower

Hidden up by the three chests in the back corner.

"Only seen by those who observe."

Only seen by those who observe.

Clue Reference

Normally when looking through the telescope there are two guys that can be seen jumping and waving their arms. These guys represent that there is a grotto in that location. A third guy has been added over top of the new Grotto. He is placed, however, such that only one of his arms can be seen when he jumps and waves.