Another part where I attempted to deceive the player with clues that could lead them to the wrong location. This one was meant to lead the player to Ocean Spider House.

The Ice Arrow Chest: Beneath the Graveyard

The chest is hidden behind a second false wall under the graveyard. A second one is added opposite of the original blocking the way to the Iron Knuckle for a Piece of Heart. The chest is switch activated however. The switch is in the room where the player can enter and exit beneath the graveyard. It is hidden underneath the rupees.

Clock Town

Hidden in the Guest Room of Stock Pot Inn.



Clue Reference

Beneath the Graveyard is a location that is underground.

Woods of Mystery

Hidden near the Grotto on the 2nd Day path.

"False wall."

False wall.

Clue Reference

A second fake wall that needs to be destroyed.

Deku Shrine

Shortly after the fire maze the player will come to a pair of pink flames. The sign is hidden in the alcove to the right.

"Watched by spiders."

Watched by spiders.

Clue Reference

There are Skulltula's in the room where the Ice Arrow chest is hidden.

Path to the Mountain

Hidden in the three large snowballs at the top of the path on the right.



Clue Reference

There is a hidden crystal switch that spawns the Ice Arrow chest.

Pirates' Fortress

Replaces the barrel out side the room with the Silver Rupee chest.

"Under the red in green."

Under the red in green.

Clue Reference

The location of the crystal switch which is under the rupee cluster in the grave. There is one Red Rupee surrounded by Green Rupees.

Great Bay Temple

Hidden behind the Turtle right at the start. In the original version the intro cutscene would still play and the sign could be seen immediately. This didn't stop some players from not noticing it and wandering around the dungeon.

"Speak with the Children."

Speak with the Children.

Clue Reference

Speaking with the Stalchilds to open the grave.

Beneath the Well

Hidden in the Fairy Fountain on the left side.

"Near the Knight in shining armor."

Near the Knight in shining armor.

Clue Reference

The Iron Knuckle that can be defeated for a Piece of Heart.