This part was designed with 95Shade in mind. The player is lead to obtain the Bunny Hood which results in them getting the Ice Arrow instead.

The Ice Arrow Chest: Cucco Shack

Once all the chicks are fully grown instead of immediately getting the Bunny Hood the player is taken to a grotto. This isn't just any ordinary Grotto however, it's one of the Deku Palace Grottos that exists in the Japanese version but was later removed in the North American version. The Ice Arrow chest is placed near the upper exit. Using the exit will then get the player the Bunny Hood.

Termina Field

Hidden on one of the pillars out side East Clock Town.



Clue Reference

The Bunny Hood.

Deku Palace

Hidden in the Magic Bean Seller Grotto. The sign replaces the Red Rupee chest.



Clue Reference

The color of the chicks in the Cucco Shack.

Ocean Spider House

Hidden in one of the alcoves covered by a wooden crate.



Clue Reference

The amount of the chicks in the Cucco Shack.

Beneath the Graveyard

Hidden in Dampe's House.



Clue Reference

The ranch is blocked by a giant Boulder.

Ikana Canyon

Hidden on one of the ledges with trees used to climb to the upper part of the canyon.

"Lead the way."

Lead the way.

Clue Reference

Leading the chicks around.

On the Moon

Out in the open grass area. It is almost directly opposite of where the player starts out.

"They grow up so fast."

They grow up so fast.

Clue Reference

The chicks grow once they are all together.

Waterfall Rapids

Hidden behind the waterfall near where the beaver race minigame starts.

"Isn't that your clue?!?"

Isn't that your clue?!?

Clue Reference

The finding Epona cutscene. This clue is meant to lead the player to the Romani Ranch.

The last clue is actually an inside joke. There was a string of tweets I made where I went around in the game changing the text to use the phrase.

Isn't that your waterwheel?!?

Isn't that your mask?!?

Isn't that your friend!?!

Isn't that your beehive!?!

Isn't that your rupees?!?