Simultaneously the worst and best part (when I say "best" I mean to watch players to try and complete, not the best puzzle). I didn't play test this one very well and as a result it is extremely difficult to complete. I don't blame anyone for giving up on this part when they figure out they need to complete the Deku Shrine maze. The timing is very punishing and requires very good movement otherwise the player voids and sent back to restart. I did end up editing the start of the maze to make it a little easier, however the end is still the same as the original.

The Ice Arrow Chest: Deku Shrine

Placed at the end of the Deku Shrine. The player must complete the new and improved maze created by Skull Kid. Instead of the Deku Butler leading the player through there is an Eye switch that opens the initial door. Throughout the maze there are gates blocking the way and must be opened by activating various other switches along the way. The catch is that once a switch is activated it triggers one of the closing doors. If the player is not quick enough the door will close on them and reset them back to the start. This means the entire maze has to be completed all in one go.

There is actually a bug that I never figured out how it works. Sometimes after the player has voided and reloaded back to the start one of the closing door activates some where in the maze. Which obviously results in a second void.

Clock Town

Hidden in Kafei's room at the Mayor's Residence.

"Projectiles needed."

Projectiles needed.

Clue Reference

Arrows are required to start the maze as an Eye switch opens the first door.

Termina Field

Hidden in the Cow Grotto. Technically that makes the clue accessible in Great Bay Coast as well.

"Time is short."

Time is short.

Clue Reference

The closing doors in the Deku Shrine. The player must get passed the door before it closes or they will be reset back to the start.

Mountain Village

Hidden in the Mountain Smithy.

"Blocked by a giant."

Blocked by a giant.

Clue Reference

The Big Octo in front of Deku Shrine.

Romani Ranch

Hidden in the Doggy Racetrack up on the roof where there is also a chest.

"Dead ends."

Dead ends.

Clue Reference

There are several "dead ends" in the maze.

Ancient Castle of Ikana

Hidden in the left side where the Skulltula's and Spiketraps are. There is an invisible platform the sign is on.

"Find them all."

Find them all.

Clue Reference

The switches throughout the maze. All of them must be used to open the gates that block the way.

Southern Swamp

Hidden on top of Tourist Information.



Clue Reference

The Deku Shrine maze.

Special Note by Ostrealava02

If you play on a black & white T.V. it is hard to spot the hidden crystal switch in the image above.

Inverted Stone Tower Temple

Hidden by the Boss Key chest.

"Follow his lead."

Follow his lead.

Clue Reference

The Deku Butler as he leads the way through the maze. However, for this ROM Hack he is actually removed from the maze.