For this part the Moon was modified. None of the four trials are accessiable via the Moon Children like normal. Instead each one takes the player to their respective boss room. However, it is still possible to go through dungeons normally and access boss rooms. The end goal is to get a boss remains (any will work) and then return to the dungeon and use the boss warp pad. The pad takes the player to the Twinmold Trial.

I thought this was a cool idea and I feel it worked out pretty well. Half the clues lead the player to use the Moon Children which are simply a faster way to get boss remains.

The Ice Arrow Chest: Twinmold Trial

The chest awaits at the end of the Twinmold Trial. Simply defeat all the enemies and complete the puzzles to reach the end of it.

Termina Field

Hidden on top of the log tunnel over top of the Cow Grotto.

"1 of 4."

1 of 4.

Clue Reference

Boss Remains.

Deku Palace

Hidden up on a higher platform near the Magic Bean Seller Grotto.



Clue Reference

The Moon Children.

Fairy's Fountain

Hidden in the Snowhead Fountain.



Clue Reference

One of temples in the game has to be used for it's boss warp pad.

Romani Ranch

Hidden up on top of the house.



Clue Reference

The Moon Children.

Zora Hall

Hidden in Lulu's Room on the side table.

"Two ways to obtain."

Two ways to obtain.

Clue Reference

There are two ways to get to boss rooms. The normal entrance in each dungeon or by using a Moon Child.

Ikana Graveyard

Hidden along the path Captain Keeta takes.



Clue Reference

The Boss Warp pad.

Secret Shrine

Hidden in the main room underwater.

"Remains required."

Remains required.

Clue Reference

In order to activate a Boss Warp pad the Boss Remains for that pad must be collected.