Did someone say custom maps? In this installment of IAIM I finally added a custom map to the game! Special shoutouts to Ostrealava for pushing me to make one and also helping with getting it working. I also decided to play a potentially dangerous game with this one.

Normally in Great Bay Coast the player can swim out to sea which will load the player back to either the beach or the cliff side depending on which side of the Pinnacle Rock entrance they use. In this part I changed the right side (near Pirates' Fortress) to take the player to the new map which is an ocean styled location. Once there they simply need to find the chest with the Ice Arrow as there are no switchs or puzzles of any kind. I also decided to hide one of the signs in Great Bay Coast. This means it's possible by either shear dumb luck or by not knowing about the load trigger out in the ocean that the player can accidentally find the new map.

The Ice Arrow Chest: Great Bay Ocean

Hidden in a sunken ship out in Great Bay Ocean, which is a custom map I created and added! The clues lead the player to acquire the All-Night mask and go and listen to the stories told by Anju's Grandmother in Stock Pot Inn. The second story has been changed from talking about the four Giant's and is instead about Pirate Lord Aveil. The story tells of Aveil's adventure to Great Bay Temple to get the legendary Ice Arrow for herself, but then only to lose it at sea when the skip sink's.

The New Story: Pirate Lord Aveil

Woods of Mystery

Hidden in the center room. Making it available on all days.



Clue Reference

The All-Night Mask. In the shop the mask does look a little more blue than just black, but the item icon and when you actually wear it looks black.

Goron Village

Up on the Ledge where the Piece of Heart is.

"Red eyes."

Red eyes.

Clue Reference

The All-Night Mask.

Snowhead Temple

Hidden in the Elevator room inside one of the wooden crates.

"Listen closely."

Listen closely.

Clue Reference

Listening to the stories Anju's Grandmother tells.

Great Bay Coast

Hidden behind one of the fake wooden panels.

"Near 1 of 10."

Near 1 of 10.

Clue Reference

The cow figurines. One of the possible Keaton Quiz questions asks how many of them there are througout Clock Town.

Path to Ikana Canyon

Hidden in one of the big rocks near the upper exit.

"Day only."

Day only.

Clue Reference

Anju's Grandmother only tells her stories during the day.

Beneath the Well

Hidden on the right side just after the Magic Bean door. It replaces a Freezard.

"Inn town."

Inn town.

Clue Reference

The Stock Pot Inn.

Odolwa Trial

Hidden near the Piece of Heart.

"Don't fall asleep."

Don't fall asleep.

Clue Reference

The All-Night Mask. It prevents the player from falling asleep and allows them to hear the entire story.